1. llucas

    NEW - POWERMATIC PM2000 TABLESAW - $1995 (Raleigh)

    not mine...might be a good deal if you are in the market posted tonight on CLRaleigh at 621 PM http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/2572416931.html
  2. R

    $19.95 Pen JIG

    Harbor Freight has their pen jig for 19.95 was 24.95.Looks like a good deal.
  3. J

    Router Bit Storage Cabinet - $19.95

    MLCS has their router bit storage cabinets on sale for $19.95, with FREE shipping. These are wall hung cabinets that hold up to 66 bits. They are available in either 1/4" shank (#9660), or 1/2" shank (#9683). Hard to even buy the materials to make your own for this price.

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