You can only choose 3.


It all depends on what projects you are doing. If your goal is turning pens, then you need a lathe. If cabinets, then planer/jointer etc. Some folks do all their work with a scroll saw.

Unless you can put up with and hand dimension red oak, framing lumber, poplar or maybe maple, you will have to move to rough cut.

Seems a lot of pretty big shops use the 735 DeWalt planer. I don't have room for a big hunk of iron so it is my next to replace the junk 12 inch lunchbox. By using a sled as above, and a really good jointer blade on the TS, you can do quite well.

That said, I do use my new BS a lot more than than I expected, but it will not turn rough cut into workable wood. I could see between a BS and router, not needing a TS, but still need jointer/planer.

Of course, museum quality fine furniture was made bu hand tools only for centuries. One might suggeat a really good HEPA vac. ( I have the Fien and very happy) If you have a TS, then you need both a dust collector system and an ambient air filter. Sawdust kills. This is not a cheap hobby

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