Yet another wood identification question


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This is a tough one, because the piece is old and appears to have multiple layers of finish. The first layer is some sort of clear varnish I think, but then there's something else darker on top that is flaking off (you can remove it with your fingernail without any real pressure).

My first thought that this is old growth pine (the chest is ~80 years old), but the broken piece reminds me a bit of mahogany.

Any idea what this is? And if it is old growth pine, I don't have any laying around. I can use regular pine of course, any good substitutes to get something with a tighter grain?

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Can't help on the ID but if you determine it's old growth pine let me know. I have some laying around... you can have what you need.


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That is Cedar. I would bet money on it. Question is which kind, if it is not aromatic, I think based on its appearance it is probably Southern, Western or Inland Cedar. They all look similar.


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Looks like cedar to me. Usually the smell is a dead giveaway.
There's no cedar smell. That could be because the chest is old, or because it's covered in some sort of varnish. It's also feels harder than most cedars I've seen. But, looking up the Janka hardness rating I was surprised to see eastern red cedar very similar to cherry. Western red cedar on the other hand is much softer.

Let's hope Klingspor has some in stock...

Thanks all!!!
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Could it be cypress?

Have you tried sanding a small area to see if it releases a smell?

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