Workshop size for building king size beds


Hey, looking for input on those the may regularly build king size beds. I’ve got a new workshop planned that’s a 30’x40’ (10’ ceiling) as I feel this would be a comfortable size to build & finish a king size platform bed. I built one (also a queen) in my previous 14×24 shop but it was far too small for comfort. I may be building these just here and there but not as a production shop as I’m just a hobbyist but I do not want to have to move all of my tools around the shop just to accommodate assembly then finishing parts in phases again.

I do plan on having stationary tools an assembly area and an area I can convert into a finishing area when needed but not a dedicated finishing room. I do like to keep a nice tidy workspace so it drives me crazy if I have to squeeze around things to work. I’m not a big guy either.

For those that regularly build king size beds or even queens and that have large pullout drawers what would you say is the minimum size shop I should build to do this kind of work and not be cramped for elbow room ?

Thanks in advance!

Dave Richards

Senior User
If you need to be able to assemble the bed completely in the shop, figure out the size of the bed's foot print and add a few feet on each side to give you room to work. Then add the footprints of your stationary equipment--don't forget to take infeed and outfeed space into consideration--and bench(es) and other stuff. Make sure you give yourself space to move around your machines safely, too.


Papa Red
Senior User
I think you will be fine with that size. My shop is 26 x 36 with all the stationary equipment most shops have. I just built two twin sized beds. Fully assembled in the shop with plenty of work around room and the shop was plenty big enough. Just layout your equipment to give you the space you need.


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