Who am I?

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First - many of you in the eastern part of NC may know me as John at the Woodcraft store in Raleigh. :eusa_danc

My primary interest is in furniture making but most of my professional wood working has been doing kitchen cabinets like these.
I've also made some small boxes like the attached photos.

I've been a member of NCWoodworker since the first summer or fall.

I'm also very interested in hand tool work and have collected a small number of hand planes. I have a router plane, a #41/2, 2 number 5's, a low angle jack plane, 2 low angle block planes, a 3/4" shoulder plane, and a number 7. I rehabed one of my #5's from electrolysis to painting. I've also made 2 Krenov style planes. I'm always willing to help folks with hand plane issues. :icon_cheers

My icon is the Delaware Blue Hen. I graduated from Delaware longer ago than I'm willing to share after studying biology and chemistry.
Not open for further replies.

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