What did you do in the shop this weekend?


A very nice three day weekend winding down. I cut some dados on boards to make work bench legs, kinda tedious and not real picture worthy. But good progress nevertheless.

What did you do in the shop this weekend?

Michael Mathews

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I built a hose reel for my dust collector. Currently there's only a 10' section of hose on there but I have room for 10' more. The only thing I need to do is make a blast gate for the 2-1/2" line right above the wye.




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Bit the bullet and bought the luan plywood I need to complete a couple shelving units I've been piddling at for the last few months. I've had the frame built for quite a while, but spent the weekend cutting the ply and then painting. Should be dry enough in a few hours to install it, then wait a few days before actually loading them up. Glad I can finally see the light at the end of this tunnel.


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Was out of town for much of the weekend, but found time today to use some of my moulding planes. Here's a few pics from making the moulding that will go on the top of a spice box. The wood is air-dried walnut. These planes leave behind a super smooth, polished finish without any sanding.



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Laser cutting 3D puzzles from dawn to dusk (all Etsy orders) -
5 Eiffel Towers
7 Millennium Falcons
2 Enterprise
1 Monster Truck
1 1957 Chevy Bel Air
1 VW bug convertible
1 Minion
1 Castle

And during long laser cuts -
2 Name Trains

So much for a lazy 3 day weekend.


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We had the 2 grandkids all weekend. Made 4 wooden whistles for them. 1 didn't sound right so had to make another. Then, one got ate by a dog. Smh.

Bought a 12' 4x6 and installed a bell I picked up 4 to 5 years back. Kinda wood working.

Didn't get any "wood working" photos, but for the record here are some treasures from our adventure thru the woods.

Turtle shell and heart wood pine from a dried up creek bed.


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Finished up restoring my new saw, prepped my old for sale, cleaned the shop, finished up a new all wood counter top, cut some tree in the back, went to the dump, installed a new steel railing at the 1st set of stairs at me house and of course, the 200mile round trip to Costco.
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Mike Davis

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Didn't have much time for photos.
Sharpened a tree trimming saw and cut some branches overhanging the driveway
Made a new handle and sharpened my framing slick
Finished a spoon and two stew paddles
Turned a needle case
Made a saw jig and cut bamboo flats for a special weave project

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