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Jim Campbell
Before we get a lot further, would it make sense to start a single thread where we post new features of the upgrade?

I'm happy to setup a webtemplate or start a new thread somewhere.

Maybe add a link to a doc from that nifty scrolling status thing.



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I think that is a great idea. But lets not do it before we know all the new features are totally functional. Unless you think that having Users involved in the bug finding process could be helpful.


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Well, I had something else planned. As soon as I was finished( sometime today?), I was going to announce in a general way that the updates are finished for now.

For all practical purposes, all of the major software updates have been applied and have been running. The major reason for the updates was not new features, but rather getting all the software up to their latest releases and/or compatible releases. This is necessary in order to get support for those pieces that are supported and also necessary to provide a basis for new features.

There have been a few features and/or revised ways to do some things. As each new feature has been tested and configured, a staff member will make an announcement about it and how to use it.

However, it is now time for you, the users, to be able to provide feedback. The PLACE TO DO THIS is the HELP DESK. If you are having a problem, bug, question, suggestion, please create a help desk ticket. Only one issue per ticket.

All in all these updates have gone fairly smoothly, with only one outage and that was planned on last Monday in the morning.

Thank you for your patience.
I think this is the right way to do it, but I will bow to you guys opinion.


I thin this is a good way to announce it -- where the new features really need an explanation, then the separate announcement is appropriate.

BTW, I have looked at the Link upgrade and there aren't any major changes that impact how folks operate. I did run a report to test for bad links and cleared out the only two that do not work any longer. I still plan to review the categories for improvements and may start a thread to seek input from the users.
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