SOLD - Powermatic 3520b lathe with outboard turning extension

Sanders Fine Woodworking

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Because times are tough, I lowered the price of this lathe from $2900 to $2899. One of our members reached out to me about this lathe, was it still for sale etc. After a respectable length of time on the phone he said he was interested but at a considerable discount. Because it kind of ticked me off, I'm raising the price back to $2900.


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That's a pretty good deal, esp. with the outboard addition...really adds to the versatility, especially if you are planning on turning large stuff.
I have had this model for 10 years and it has never disappointed me.
My confidence it buying it new was that it would hold its value...that was based on the fact that I looked for quite a while for a used one and realized that people just don't sell this lathe.
If this particular offering runs well, I doubt you will ever find a better deal.

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