SOLD DCT Cyclone Wood Saw Dust Collection Garbage Trash Can Lid


Papa Red
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DCT Cyclone Wood Saw Dust Collection Garbage Trash Can Lid – Woodshop Dust Separator Lid for Woodworking Collector Tools
This is very slightly used and it works great. I just don't have a need for it anymore. It includes the collection lid, 90* bend and two sections of 4" hoses with clamps approximately 2' long each. Sells for $52 on Amazon without hoses. I'm selling for $35. I can include the galvanised trash can too if you want but the can is $25. It is what I paid for it and in brand new condition. This setup collects all the heavy chip and particles before they get to your dust collector. Much easier to empty the trash can verses the dust collector bag.
No shipping. I can hold it for you but it needs to be paid for. Any questions please ask. I am located here in Denver NC. You can send me a PM or post something here.


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Bruce Swanson
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The setup does work; I have a slightly different lid, but they all do the job of making your DC a 2 stage system. I have my lid sitting on a XXL Brute trash container. The setup has doubled saw dust capacity, with heavier particles collecting in the Brute can. I dump can and bag into a trailer and cart it to any strategic area out back that needs filling in, but the beauty of the system is emptying the collection only half as often.

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