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Dave - thanks for the answer - I am more interested in actually modelling in orthographic, rather than printing out (which is also important). Is there an equivalent of a four-panel view (T, L, F, P)? Such as ---


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Dave Richards

Joe, there is not an option to have four windows such as you show in SketchUp. That was a useful thing back in the days before 3D modeling applications could quickly handle calculations for perspective views. The idea with SketchUp is that you model things the way you would see them in reality. I guess if you really had to do it, you could make multiple copies of a component and position them as you show. Then edit the one that has the view you want to use. Seems like a work harder sort of thing, though.


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Dave - thanks -
It would seem to me that updating four views in real time would take more, not less compute power (since the perspective view is being updated in real time along with the other three). The perspective (or camera, if you assign it, view is also accurately shaded with materials and realistic shadows. So I dont think it's a compute power issue. My guess is Sketchup has a much simpler graphics engine pipeline.
What Max doesnt have (since it's a high-end computer animation program) is printable dimensioning and inherent page layout, which is why I was interested in sketchup.

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