SketchUp plans in 'Resources'

Bill Clemmons

Corporate Member
Were you aware the 'Resources' section of NCWW can now accept SketchUp files? For the past month I've been uploading some of my plans to share w/ others. All of these are plans I created in SU, mostly from my own designs w/ one noted exception. And w/ that one exception, I've also built these pieces from those same plans over the past 10 years.

Each of the plans is designed from a woodworker's perspective to be used by woodworkers. All of the joinery and interior details you need to actually construct a piece are included. My SU skills aren't great but in each case I think there is enough detail to get you started. You can also take the plans and make any changes you want w/ just basic SU skills.

My main reason for putting these plans here is that they can be used as a 'how to' for beginners. We often see questions here about how to do certain operations when it comes to furniture construction. With SU plans a user can see a detail in 3D from any angle they choose.

Finally, if you have SU plans you created for any type of project I encourage you to share them here for the benefit of others. Regardless of your level of skill in SU, someone else may be able to benefit from them.

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