Schaff chisels reviews here please

Scott H

I never realluy checked the bevel, just honed them up.

So today, I resharpened them carefully and discovered a couple of things . The 1/2 "chisel out of the box had a 30 deg bevel and the 1"was 27 deg. Not a big deal, just inconsistent.
The other thing I really noticed was as the chisel was being sharpened, the material coming off had a powdery flaky look to it. Kinda reminded me of iron dust that was attached to a magnet. I have never have witnessed this before on any of my other chisels.
Additionally, they rust real quick. A couple of drops of water got on a chisel and was there 30-45 min and you can see the result. Not a big deal but something I noticed

My chisels were magnetized -- it probably was literally iron dust attached to a magnet (the chisel, or other shavings)
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