SawStop Contractor Table Saw $1500 on Raleigh CL

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I agree with bluedawg: not much of a benefit buying used. Also, stay tuned as the Consumer Product Safety Commission explores possibly requiring SawStop technology on all table saws. As already mentioned in these spaces, this is likely to be a years-long process with unpredictable impact on saw prices.

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Ad says he paid $2200 for it with tax which would imply some upgrades, not sure past that. I shot the guy an email and told him he should join ncwoodworker if he hadn't yet. I don't think he knew we existed and he said he would create an account. Anyhow, just posted because these so rarely come up on craigslist, but I agree I'm going to keep my contractor saw and see how this whole CPSC table saw thing shakes out.


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accompanying upgrades? i thought this saw currently sold for ~$1600 brand new?

The dado cartridge and insert are a $100 upgrade. The outfeed table is $100-$150, IIRC. If he has the cast wings and mobile base, you're getting close to $2200 for the contractor saw. If he has those other options and isn't advertising it, then he isn't a very good salesman :> Otherwise, yeah, not a great deal. But it sounds like he could be talked down.
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