Reminder: The Picnic is Coming!!


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After a unwanted 2 year break, the annual picnic is back.

What? annual picnic - it's back!!
Where? Jordan Lake, Seaforth Recreation Area Shelter B
When? September 18, 2021, "It's a lunch event."
Why? Visit with woodworkers of all types. Enjoy a swap meet. Buy 'stuff'. Get 'free' stuff. Get rid of your stuff. Last chance to buy perhaps THE big winning ticket - if any ticket are left. Enjoy the suspense of the raffle drawing. Or maybe you just to meet the board.
What to do? Make plans to fill the car/truck up with gas or charge the batteries. Come hungry. Bring stuff to barter, gift, or sell. Bring a side dish or desert (partial to apple pie, personally) - BBQ furnished; we'll post up a sign-up sheet for sides in a few weeks.

This must be the best reminder ever! Well, I guess if there was a picture from the last F2F picnic that would be better. Anybody got a picture to add?
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Maybe. Before Delta, I would say great. Watching the NC Covid dashboard and really hoping the rates drop again. Most of us are responsible and respectful and an outdoor event would have been fine before the Delta surge, just hoping we get back to that rate. The MG club has started INDOOR gatherings which again, pre Delta would have been reasonable, but now, totally irresponsible. Problem is, it only takes one. We went from a 7 day average of around 200 to 3300. ( Lowest State daily low of 5) Maybe it has peaked. I know most we can, but can we trust the honor of everyone to have been vaccinated? In the MG club, turns out we can't. A couple even thought the risk was funny. It turns out, even a vaccinated person can be an asymptomatic carrier and pass it to an unvax, like a child, to whom the Delta can cause serious illness or death. I really want to see my great nieces this fall. Let us watch and hope. We have about 6 weeks; let us hope.

I am rather proud of my apple pies :)

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From 2019 Annual Picnic . . . . I won't be attending this year because of recovery from recent spine (cervical) surgery.



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I had my 2 cervical and 1 thoracic vertebrae fused many years ago. Doc wouldn't even let me ride in a car for 6 weeks - afraid of whiplash. Took a while but fully recovered now with full neck movement. Be patient and you'll get better - was very weak for quite a while but it passed. Good luck and heal well.


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The MTWCA meeting for the same date has been cancelled. I hope this one will still be able to happen.

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