Redoing a metal and wood lawn bench


Not exactly sure of the type of bench you're refinishing. I use this brand of paint remover to first loosen the paint before I break out the wire brushes. I apply a coat then use a wire brush or scrub pad to remove the loosened paint/varnish. Repeat on the spots with remaining paint. Sometimes it takes 2-3 applications (less area each time) to get it all.

You'll want to use gloves, but of all the remover products I've tried it's the best balance between ease of use and low toxicity... smells like oranges. I've used it on wood and metal surfaces equally well. Basically, just follow the manufacturer's directions.



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I’ll get pictures of the pieces tomorrow. We already took it apart. Chuck had to do the hard work. Those nuts and bolts were hard work.

bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
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Wood and metal benches come in all shapes and sizes. Below is one that a friend asked me to make the wood slats for. The original slats were straight and had decomposed badly. I observed that the ledges for the slats were tapered. I made the underside of the slats to match this taper. The results made the bench very solid. Had the original wood been beveled I suspect the bench would have lasted longer.

1  bench - 1.jpg
Beveled slat bottom to fit the beveled ledge.

1  bench - 2.jpg
completed wood slats ready for paint.

Mike Davis

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One thing I have found is Appliance epoxy spray paint.
If they don't have it at your Lowe's then try an automotive store.
May not be called appliance in the auto store.

You have to spray the second and third coats within 20 minutes or after two hours.
I usually spray every 20 minutes until it is as thick as I want.

Stuff lasts for many years outdoors.

Joe Scharle

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A few years ago, I restored 6 of those. I pressure washed the iron and used something from Rustoleum for garden furniture. They're a little dull looking now, but holding up. The white oak slats are pretty much ugly, but still hold my weight!

Matt Furjanic

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Yours is a lot nicer than mine. I restored this one about ten years ago using cedar for the planks. Not bad for ten years I guess...

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