Reclaimed Southern Yellow Pine


My son wants a farm table built. He salvaged some 2 X 10's from a building built in 1910. Went to cut into them today. What wasn't solid resin, was eat up by powder post beetles. Anybody need some fire starter?

bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
Senior User
I suspect many of us have been down that disappointing road before. I sympathize.
I've been offered free lumber before and I've learned to look at it before it gets loaded for a trip. Powder post beetles are nothing I want in my lumber rack or even on my property.

Henry W

Senior User
Bruce - Sorry for that experience.
On a project I had for a client a few years ago, I went a different route and bought some heartwood pine reclaimed by that business in Pittsboro whose name I always forget (might be Heartwood Pine). Anyways they met my requested specs, and I built what i needed. I have some left - primarily 9-10' long 8/4 material, about 5" wide (consistent widths), 5 or 6 pieces I think. PM me if you are interested. I paid a pretty penny (or my client did) and I just overbought to be on the safe side. I'd be happy to get 40% back on what I paid - but we'll talk numbers if you or anyone else is interested.

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