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About 14" in diameter
Some cherry burl:
Cherry Burl Bowl1.jpg
Cherry Burl Bowl 2.jpg

Kubota photobombed me!

Found this in the dried pile. Turned last fall. Once turned pecan. Time for sanding. Wall thickness a little under 1/4". Shaped by nature: ~10" East to West and ~11" North to South. Looks much more oval than it measures, IMHO. So far, it will hold soup! Golf ball for proportions only.
Pecan Bowl.jpeg


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Good looking piece Gene. Really curious how you finish turn an oval


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Thank you. To your question, here's the lathe mount for finishing turning:

This is a once turned bowl, i.e., 1/4" max wall thickness. Sure can't turn an inch of warpage out of that. So, there is no finish turning unless you include the "sanding gouge" going round and round.

FWIW, Zep (orange cleaner) is really helpful on Pecan. Dry 80 grit was like a buffing wheel. With the Zep, the 180 grit 'sanding gouge' did a fine job. I'll look at in a few minutes and consider 220, etc.
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Technically, I did turn it again to remove the tenon which was also oval shaped in the drying.
Friction drive.jpeg

Above is just a friction chucking. I use a mouse pad on the inside and a Supernova with 70mm jaws on the spindle.
Tenon nub.jpeg

Tenon turned down to a nub. Checked the bottom for flatness and bring out the vacuum chuck.
Vacuum chucked.jpeg

Close to 27" vacuum but I don't think the gauge is real accurate.
Tenon Gone.jpeg

Tenon be gone. About 5 mins start to finish with sanding. I'm a little slow. I used a 1/2" bowl gouge.
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