Raleigh FB tool postings - Festool vac, Track saw etc

Henry W

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A poster on Facebook, location in N Raleigh, has several Festool items.
Search 'Festool' in FB Marketplace. Looks like good deals if those are items you are interested in.

$420 Festool TS-75 Track saw (the bigger one) - no tracks or connectors
$780 Festool Kapex miter saw *mint*
Tools For Sale in Raleigh, North Carolina | Facebook Marketplace
$380 Festool of 1400 Router
$260 Festool CT 33 dust collecting Vacuum
$300 Festool Rotex RO 90 DX FEZ plus
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It seems most Festool ads are for prices that make just buying a new tool a better option.
Festool sells for 50-80% of their retail value used. Kapex sells for the least and domino sells for the most. If you buy them used you won’t lose any money when selling them. I’ve bought all my festool used and dont regret it one bit. I have 3 sanders, track saw, kapex,domino, vacuum, and the table all used. I consider festool about the same as having money in my savings account or cash in the safe. The table is the most overpriced thing they have but I bought it super cheap so it’s fine with me. Kapex is overpriced too but worth the money used.

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