Post what you're building..


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Oldest grandson asked for a display unit for his Lego collection for Christmas. Have all the boxes built and painted and the top is nearing completion. Need to put the base together today. Over 10 feet long. Updated for pics after installation


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Just wrapped up a new desk to improve my now-permanent work from home space.


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As a noob maker of sawdust I've done a couple small things around the house but my current project has a couple purposes. Main purpose is as a learning platform, secondary purpose is a mobile workbench to house table saw, miter saw and router table as well as storage for whatever I can fit inside.

I've already learned a few lessons. Namely that you have to factor in how to assemble everything while you're designing/drawing.

Anyway, here's what I got done this weekend. Had to redo the legs...twice. Once because they were too long and again because I decided I'd rather do an L shape with 2x4's rather than just slapping two 2x4's together.



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Grandson asked for a cup and my scrapwood bucket was almost topped off so I made this chaos cup for him. Most of the wood is off-cuts from laminated turnings and other projects over the last year. Finished with a double-coat of Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast which is FDA approved for food use. He wanted something "hard to tip over" so it is intentionally thick walled and bottom heavy. I asked his mom about the requirement and she refused to talk about it.



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If he's young you might want to thin down the lip to fit his lips.
He's 15 now but I have a feeling we might iterate over his requirements a couple of times. When I asked him what he wanted he had trouble articulating anything. Eventually we got to it being thick walled, short and bottom heavy so it is hard to tip over. If that isn't what he actually wants he'll have to give me better requirements.

Besides which, it's OK if this becomes a pencil holder. Scrap bin is mostly full and I'd happily give it another go. This was my first ever attempt at turning a large casting. Up to now it's all been hybrid pen blanks. The one below is from a batch of resin whose overpour is near the top of the cup. My son claimed it and has picked out a kit for me to use it on. If I cut precisely I may have enough left for another pen ... or a chunk for the next chaos cup.



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Need "proper" dust collection... Hoping to get it built before the end of the year. Have 2 other things, on the honey do list, that need finishing fist.


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Two of my three grandsons will be arriving this week for Christmas. The older one could care less about making sawdust but the seven year old is my budding woodworker along with my determined fishing buddy. Saw this pattern last month in a woodworking magazine and thought it would be a good way to spend some hours with my little buddy. Some kids like making gingerbread snowmen, I am hoping he will enjoy making reindeer.


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Filling, sanding, painting, and more painting.

Working on my accent wall, in the office, and hoping to finish it before Christmas.

Also sanded and stained, 1 coat, the front porch. Barely finished before the rain started trickling in. I want to get a 2nd coat in, but it's just too dang cold, 30-40?, to apply a 2nd coat.

If I have any other free time, I'm also attempting to finish my 2-stage DC.

10 days off, but they are going quickly!


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Merry Christmas y’all. My mother-in-law saw an old TV dinner folding table put out as trash. She picked it up for me thinking I may be able to salvage it. They tray was about 26” x 18”. I figured maybe I could make a couple of charcuterie boards out of it. The stain was pretty worn and it wasn’t easy for me to tell what kind of wood it was…when I went to square it into stock, I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was black walnut. I have been wanting to try to use some ebony scrap as Dutchmen so made a couple of bow ties for each board about 1/4” thick….wow, that African ebony seems to be pretty brittle and at 1/4” thick, I cracked a couple of the bow ties and it was hard to clean up. My inlay work still has a long way to go. I used a router to freehand a stream or river about 1/4” deep. I wanted to try to make what I’d hoped would look like white water by adding some white tint to 5 min epoxy and placing some of that strategically in the river…then did a 1:1 pour with two diff tints of blue. Sanded to 220 and finished with food safe mineral oil/beeswax combo. Was able to make a board for both my wife and mother-in-law for Christmas. Every time I make something I learn something new. I’m just glad the nice walnut didn’t go in the landfill.


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Sam Knight

Sam Knight
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This year I’m making some kumiko lamps formChristmas presents. These are the panels.View attachment 205218
Wow! I never heard of these before. I googled the kumiko lamps to see what they look like. I would like to make a set of these for my bedroom night stands. Please post pictures when you are done putting these together. Thanks!

Charlie Buchanan

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Building a furniture style vanity base for a bathroom remodel project. What I found in stores were either not very satisfactory or way to expensive—frequently both. It’s cherry post and panel/frame and panel construction to hold a store-bought lavatory-counter unit.

The four drawers will be traditional flush drawers side-hung.


I built the drawer case as a separate module (right) that drops in from the top after the vanity is installed. The door is clamped in place to check fit and mark hinge mortises.


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Finally getting around to the inlay for the door panel on the spice box I'm making. Before I do the real one I decided to do a sample/practice panel. I frequently do this when I want to see how something will look, or I'm working out the details. In this case it's both.

Here's a picture of the sample panel. The base is cherry with walnut, holly and QS sycamore for inlay. Now, on to the real one.


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