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I ran across a pile of stuff today. Some for parts that I needed... Some that I just wanted.


A nice type 15 Stanley #6 with a broken cap and frog. All the other parts are there and in good condition. The cap and frog were not original to the plane but no matter... I have been looking for a body to replace one I picked up a while back with a chipped mouth. It was $8.

The next is a Stanley #4 type 11/12 three patent date body with frog. In good shape.. $5.

The next is a Sargent VBM 408, equivalent to a Stanley #3. In good condition but well used... $8.

The last is an 1890's Stanley 9 1/2... One of the pre-lateral ones with the patent date on the lever cap. In good condition... Needs a little time in the citric acid. $4

Also bought a broken Stanley #94 just for the parts... If anybody needs a part let me know. $5.
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