Not a Saw Stop


Bruce Swanson
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Did some experimenting on my Jet SS10
table saw. Used my right thumb to test how fast the blade would stop, and my theory proved correct. Looks like a long night in the ER. Not too bad though, I don’t mean my thumb. Got a big cup of coffee to pacify me.


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Sorry for your misguided thumb. Get another cup of coffee and be more careful.


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That's not an item on your bucket list my friend! Hope it wasn't too serious and that you didn't damage the blade! :confused: Hope you have a speedy recovery.


Bruce Swanson
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Cut wasn't too serious, didn't hit the bone or the nail, missed any ligaments or other important stuff, but lost 1/8" x 1 1/4' of flesh as the cut all the way through from front to back. Was considering mounting a Thin Kerf Glue Line Rip, if I'd done it I would have lost half the flesh. Well a few stitches and a hand splint and I'm on the mend. Considering taking the day off tomorrow. If I had used my push sticks like I know I should, this would not have happened. After making about a 24" rip in 1 3/4" soft maple, the blade caught my thumb as I was pulling my hand back and let my hand drop. So even after nearly 70 years of running power saws, I got too comfortable with a table saw that you need to constantly aware of every movement around. I'll heal so please don't feel sorry for me, just another word of caution to always be on your toes in the shop.


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Sorta remember something like that:eek: Though healed lack of nerves makes this old dog learn new tricks. Hope you he a completely!


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Brother I am so sorry. Glad it did not turn out worse. Take the week off.


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Hoping you a speedy recovery and good healing.

You probably would have the same injury if you'd been using a SawStop even with their fail-safe hot dog advertising!

Bill Clemmons

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Bruce, may I suggest next time you want to test the blade on your TS you use a hot dog, like they do w/ Saw Stop. ;)

Be safe, my friend. We seniors don't heal as fast as we used to.

Tim Sherwood

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Sorry to hear about your accident Bruce. I had a similar test a few years ago. At that time my grandkids were coming to my place every week, for shop class. That,s what promted me to get a Saw Stop.


Phillip Cooper
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Sorry to hear this, hope it heals quickly and you get back to your usual activities. Sure glad it wasn't worse!!!


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Bruce , :oops: I did this test years ago. Thumb on right hand still fills strange. Hope it heals quickly


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Sorry to hear this. These things can happen to the best of us. All it take is a moment. Heal fast and well.


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Sorry to hear your misfortune Bruce. Praying you have a full recovery and quick healing

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