Newbie and new member Western NC-hope pics are ok


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Welcome Rob!
Thanks for posting all the pictures.
Your "knife-ish" objects look VERY good to me and as for your first bowls - I think you are doing fine - as you learned with the knives after you do something you don't like, you will figure out how not to do that...
trying new stuff is your friend.

This is a GREAT place to ask questions and get good answers and opinions, I am guessing you will like it here!

Rob in NC

Evening, folks... it appears that email notifications didnt notify me of updates and so I'm a bit behind. Appreciate the compliments on the turning and the flag. Those bowls posted are my very first attempts and so I know they are a bit rough. Still, I'm having fun with it. The flag was an idea I'd seen on YouTube. Wife wanted to buy a flag to put on my workshop and I figured I could make it so gave it a whirl. Still need a lot of practice and I'm learning as I go. I'd never touched a wood lathe prior to a few weeks ago so this is all uncharted territory for me.

I'm in the little town of Barnardsville. North of Weaverville, which is north of Asheville. Got my house at the woods and so can do my tinkering and shooting there without worry of bothering any neighbors.

and yes, someone mentioned the DNA. I cant seem to do a project without losing at least a little blood. Most of my knife pics where I'm holding can see cuts or scars. That ring was a bit small but I finished it on the 2x72 and the grinder bit me a little bit. Careful as I try to be, I tend to get scraped up a bit. Still got 10 fingers so doing well!

I got started on this a bit late in life... I used to teach martial arts and kickboxing and taught class for 23 years. At the ripe old age of 40, I had both hips replaced and so that part of my life ended and for the first time in my adult life, I only had my 'real' job and nothing to do in the afternoons so I started tinkering. Knives and trinkets and now wood stuff. So I dont have a lifetime of experience in any of this. I'm just trying to cram in as much as I can learning different techniques and figuring out what's fun.

Rob in NC

and appreciate the knife comments/compliments! I still cringe when I see the flaws in my knives, but I'm trying to make then as flawless as my skill level will allow. I know this is a woodworking forum, but there is a lot of cross pollination in these crafts I'm finding and so lessons learned from one sometimes carry over. I wasnt sure if I could post any knife pics without getting my hand slapped so chanced it. Good to see yall arent too uptight about it!

With the wood and knives, I struggle with design. One can learn skills and techniques, but I dont reckon artistry can be taught so much of what I do has been copied or at least inspired by others. Maybe one day I'll get a hit of talent in that arena and can come up with something unique.

Linc H

Be easy... still new. Didnt realize the pics would be large enough to show my many flaws... note that some of the blades are not sharpened at this time.
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing your work..looks great enjoy the journey...


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Hey brother, DNA is how I “brand” everything I make. Sadly, with maturity (read age) the skin starts to get thin and even a sharp look will draw a sample. Keep up the good work.

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