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Hello all,
I have been turning Irish Uilleann pipes ( a type of Bagpipe) for over 30 years. After all of this time I am still lacking in many aspects of turning.

I have two lathes: A beautiful old Atlas 36" metal lathe and a Delta wood lathe. Mostly I use the metal lathe for turning and borning.

I hope to meet someone in the chapel hil area that is a good spindle turner that would be willing to share some of their skill.

Also I am trying to find a copy of "The Practical WoodTurner by Frank Pain". I am told it is a classic.

All the best,
Pat Sky


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Welcome to the group! I'm in western NC but I'm sure turners from that area will chime in later. We'd love to see your work - please post in the gallery when you get a chance.


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Hi Pat and welcome!

I hope that you don't think it rude of me to move your post, but this is the "traditional" place where we all introduce ourselves.

As for help finding your book, check here, it wasn't terribly easy to find, but it seems that it's out there!

I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures of your turnings!

edit: Also try typing ISBN number: 0806985801 into, there are several copies there.


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Welcome to the site Pat. There are some pretty good turners here.. but I'm not one of em. I would love to see some pictures of your pipes.

Steve D

Steve DeWeese
Welcome to the group. I'm not a turner but hope to learn some day. I can also endorse, I have purchased from there in the past and gotten some great deals.



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Re: Irish Uilleann pipe maker (a type of bagpipe)

Welcome, I can't wait to see some of your work. It sounds (no pun intended) very different than anything I have seen posted on this site


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I'll throw my WELCOME into the pile also, and second Steve's request to see some of your work. I know that bagpipes can have some very ornate turnings. Glad to have you here! Dave:)


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Amazing turnings, Pat! I admit that you can fit all I know about bagpipes you on the head of a pin...and still have some real estate left over!

I will admit that bagpipe music makes me tear up after watching all of the FDNY funerals after 9-11.

Beautiful stuff!

edit: WOW! We're in the presence of greatness! It appears that Pat had a half-dozen albums released before I was even born!
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Welcome Patrick!

I don't know anything about turning and less about bagpipes :oops:

But if Dave van Ronk gave you such a positive review--you must be a superstar! (IIRC he passed away recently :crybaby2:).

And thanks Chris finding the link. :mrgreen:

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