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My wife and I moved here about 18 months ago from Pennsylvania. We've vacationed in the Outer Banks area just about every year since we married over 20 years ago. We built a home with an attached wood shop for me, and an exercise studio above for my wife...she's into personal fitness. I love woodworking. I've made everything from hand turned wooden pens to Pennsylvania Spice Boxes, and plenty of other stuff in between. I use to do weekend craft shows back in PA and was very successful selling my wares, however, I have not made up my mind whether or not I want to continue on that path for various reasons. First, there are many other things to do here with the ocean so close by. I love to fish, and we hope to be boat owners in the near future. Also, we no longer have the nearby population density we enjoyed back in PA, there were many really good craft shows close by. There are some shows in my area, but nowhere the number I once enjoyed. That means traveling further if I were to do the number of shows I once participated in. The fact that I have not yet embraced that time commitment probably means I really don't want to. I'm contemplating getting into custom furniture making, but I don't want it to be a full time job...I'm done with that!

Anyway, I'm glad I found this group and look forward to participating in the forums.

- Tim

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Welcome to our little spot on the web Tim, Glad to have you with us. Please do not be shy, fell free to join in a conversation or ask any question.


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Welcome this is great group of people on the web ........ :)

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