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Hi everybody. I’m a new member and new woodworker from Davidson/Mooresville area. I was looking for information on woodworking and came across this website some time ago but only recently signed up. I’m hoping to make some woodworking friends, get information on where to buy wood, find info on woodworking resources, learn and grow my skill set, and just generally have a good time.

My entire life I’ve never had anyone around that did any kind of handiwork or woodworking at all. So this is all very new to me, even though I’m in my 40’s!! I hope to someday make half decent furniture that I can use in my home and that my wife won’t make me drag out of the house!;)

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Welcome to forum you will like it here

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Hey Brian - welcome.
Poke around the archives, doing a search on any ww-ing related term and you 'll find content here. Don't be afraid to ask, we all have an opinion on whatever you'll ask - and some of us may even have one that's worth paying attention to! Seriously there is likely someone here that has experience already, so make use of that VAST knowledge base (from design to wood sources, from turning to tools, from historic to modern techniques, home repairs.... and on and on).
Safety - if you are unfamiliar with something (tool or technique) - ask around for a local mentor. Many here would be willing to have you over for a shop visit to demonstrate a tool, technique, or safe practice. Danger is inherent in WW-ing, but can be managed with good practice (and knowledge of what should or should not be done)


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Welcome to the forum. I'm just down the street in huntersville. I'm not a pro by any means and just started to hone my craft a couple yrs ago. I'm also in my 40's, never to late to learn.


I am I little far away, in Reidsville NC and I am recovering from back surgery. But in about 6 weeks, I will be back in my shop . I am retired and I can tell you that this hobby will be a blessing to you whenever you retire and during as much time as you get before then.
I will be glad to spend a day or 2 with you here if you want to drive up. We can cover whatever subject you would like, prepping raw wood, joinery, veneering, etc.
I am by no means a master woodworker but I have been at it for 25 years and I can send you some pics.
Just a suggestion. And I have found the people on this forum to be very helpful. I would not be surprised if others make you the same offer.
Kelly Almond

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