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I was talking with some people and we are trying to figure out a fare price for Burled Birdseye Maple pcs and Burled Cherry...We had discussed price per pound and price per blank...We thought it would be a good post so we could get everyone opinion...

This a request...
Birdseye Maple Burl
1= larger bowls/vases. I figure 10-12" max diameter and same for the max height.
2= 10x10x3"
3= 10x10x4 & 5"
4= 12x12 4 & 5"
5= 26"x26"x26" whole piece.
Or price per pound?

Also on Cherry Burl Price per pound or dim?

Thanks for all the help...Guys I'm just try to be fair... I have listed below some of the things to think about also when suppling wood. But please remember I have had to find the tree's (lots of walking) Carrying normally (500 plus yards out of the woods to the 4wheeler:thumbs_do). Bringing home cutting into Blanks (several hours cutting and cleaning:thumbs_do (Dang Saw Dust)) then Anchor sealing all pcs with a brush.:confused_..This takes the most time and makes the most mess:crossedlips:. Just today I burned 4 tanks of gas 1 QT motor oil, and was in the woods from 2:00 to 7:00 and now heading to the bandsaw to slab and seal/paint 6 sides of wood...:icon_scra Anyone have any ideas other than anchor seal? This stuff is $$$.

I have an ad in Classifieds section with current pcs I cut today with prices...Every pcs is covered in Birds eyes and burl...with some ambrosia streaks in it also.


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Thanh Tran
I sold quite a few pieces of Maple to TrayP and Woodman2K last year. I dont remember exactly how many pieces I had but I think it was somewhere between 15 and 20. I think I got $60 or so dollars for it. I had to drive 1 hour away and then bring it home then cut it and then seal it. I wasnt looking to get alot of money for it. I figured it I sold 20 or 30 dollars worth I broke even and had alot of good blanks I kept for my self for my effort. To me that was worth it to me.. That being said. I would say each small to medium blank is worth between $5 and $10 and the larger ones maybe $15 - $20. Maybe $25 for the best. :dontknow:


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Personally I prefer my blanks with little to no cutting done on them and at a price/lb. This way I can trim them to meet my specific turning. Some of the blanks you are cutting will lead to waste and the avg. Joe is turning on a lathe with 12-14" swing. It will also save you some anchor seal and cuts. The other thing you can do is sell an larger blank, and charge a cutting rate and take requests for cuts at a price/cut.

As for fair price, that depends on what you are seeking. Less expensive= more sales from guys/gals that don't need it, but why not at X price.

Higher price= guys/gals that like it and are willing to pay X price.

By the same token you want to cover your nut and I assume make a little something. So you need to figure out what your time and effort, fuel, oil, elec., etc. is worth.

Then again you could just give it all to me and I could do all this for you....:eusa_clap:gar-La;:eusa_clap
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