May 7 - Holly Springs Kiwanis Kids Appreciation Day - Volunteers needed

Phil S

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Phil Soper
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NCWW is again invited to participate in the Kids Appreciation Day held at Suggs Farm in Holly Springs.

We have done this in the past and it was always fun for everybody. We are looking for 8 to 10 NCWW members to run are booth. A few to tell folks about who we are and what we do. Plus we need 6 + to help the kids make various projects to introduce them to creating out of wood. There will be lots of smiles.

If you have never seen what the NCWW Outreach program is about, please signup as this will be a great intro to this side of our Outreach. We are planning other more in-depth events, but this is a great beginning.

The event will run from 10 am to 3 pm and we will start our setup at 8:30.

Please respond on this thread and I will get you on the list

May 7 Volunteer list

1. Phil S
2. Golfdad (Dirk)
3. Graywolf (Richard)
4. Bear Republic (Steve)
5. DRW (Donn)
6. Scott M
7. Michael Mathews
8. MPHolway (Matt)

Great weather is planned

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