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NOT MY LISTING & I do not know this person. Just told him I'd put the word out there for him

Red & White oak, Walnut, and some aromatic cedar.

He said it's all air dried for 6, or so, years.

Wood is located in a storage unit in Louisburg.

The guy is named Tim, age 62, and lives 88 miles from the storage unit. If anyone goes tomorrow, he'd like them to take that into consideration...the distance he has to drive, in order to get to the storage unit.

I am going there tomorrow with my friend, so Tim should already be there by noon.

Take a look at his CL listing and see if you might be interested.

If anyone is interested, and would like more information, please feel free to reply. I'll do my best to provide more information... IF I can.

All I ask is, if you get there before me, please let me have first dibs. ;)


Martin Roper

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When I go tomorrow, I'll do my best to take pictures & gather more information, so everyone can make an educated guess whether or not it is something they might be interested in.

Also, since he states he has thousands of bd. ft., so I am sure his stock pile will be around for more than the next few weeks.

Again, I am not associated with Tim or the lumber he is selling.


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With the Air dried oak, look closely for powder post beetle evidence. May not be evident this time of the year. The large walnut buy a few years ago in High Point has some whitewod as well that we all split. It was loaded with beetles and I threw all of it away. Fortunately walnut is toxic to them.


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Thanks for the information.

I'll have to keep a very close eye out for this.
Just came across this article, so I hope it has everything I should be looking for.

So when looking at the oak & walnut, mainly check for visual damage, like small tiny holes, similar to termite damage?



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Just messaged him and he said there isn't any termite/beetle damage, but we all know how this can go.

Keeping a positive mindset with this, but if anything looks suspicious, I won't have a problem walking away.

bob vaughan

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That seller wrote something that got my attention. "Select and Better". That's a grade level and that's very rare from wood sellers these days. Most will say they have wood for sale and that's about all they know about what they are trying to sell.


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Yes.. when I spoke with the gentleman, he made sure to tell me that the wood was in very good shape. Some/most is already S2/S4, or so he says. He also states that the wood has a moisture content between 7% - 9%. He states that all of the wood is from his property, too.

He also gave me a bit of information that made me think he is legitimate.

"If you want to tell the difference between red & white oak, take a piece, put it on the miter and slice off 1/8" - 1/4". Put it up to the sky and if you can see through it, it is red. If you want, we can slice off some ends tomorrow just to make sure you are buying what you are buying."

I think we spent about 15 mins on the phone, so I hope the quality is actually what he says it is.


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The majority of his lumber was red & white oak.. flat and quarter sawn. I was really hoping he had a lot more walnut, but unfortunately he did not.

Thankfully, I was able to snag 4 pieces of walnut, 7 pieces of aromatic cedar, a lot of quarter sawn white, and some flat sawn white.

Towards the end of our visit, he started getting upset... "You are taking all of my good long pieces, take some of the 4/4 oak. If you guys take all of the good stuff, the next customers won't have anything but the smaller red/white oak." Mind you, there was only 1 customer before us and they already left, so it was just my friend and I.

Also, if my friend and I wanted to take the smaller "scraps," we would have taken those when we first started looking. I tried talking with the guy and said he should concentrate on the potential sales he has right in front of him, and not stress so much about the future sales he might never have. I was almost to the point of just walking away, it was so childish, imo.

He also kept on saying, "I'm giving you guys a great deal on this.. you go anywhere else and the price is at least double.." I asked him, well... then why didn't you rethink your prices before listing? *crickets*

It started out as an enjoyable experience, as well as a decent find, but overall... if he ever has future lumber to sell, I'd look elsewhere.

The lumber I did buy was in pretty good shape... and the price was pretty good, too.


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So how does he plan to sell the rest if his storage place is 80 miles from his residence. I am not about to drive that far and then have him be a no show. It does not make sense why he is storing the lot so far from where he lives. Sounds like someone died and one of the siblings is making off with the lumber before the rest of them notice.


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When I asked, he said he was "pushed" out of his residence & had to find a place for the lumber.

His words: "The girlfriend had enough and kicked me out....again. She has a new man and so that is why I had to find a temporary location for this lumber. It's ain't easy seeing the woman you love with their hand in another mans. My friend owns the storage units/company and has a place here I can stay, when needed."

My guess is that he is storing the wood there, temporarily, for free?

I also asked why he was selling all of the lumber... "I'm getting into crypto!" When I heard that, I kind of internally chuckled.

He told me a few times... to give him a call/text.. and he'll arrange a time to be at the storage unit. My guess is, if someone will pay him $200+ bucks.. he'll make the drive? If it's just too uncertain for you, or anyone, I would look elsewhere for more of a "sure thing."


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My take .. some 4/4, 5/4, and 6/4.

He did have 2-3 pieces of 12/4 and some pecan (tried selling me a slab for $100), but those were too large for my needs and I didn't want to spend $$$$ on pecan

Right when we were getting ready to leave, I bent down to pick up some lumber and noticed this beauty...

That was fun seeing that..since we knew we'd driven 25 miles there like this...
Had to "quickly" change to the spare.


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Looks like some good pieces but unfortunately the seller does sound a little sketchy... selling lumber to get into crypto, thats a new one!


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Looks like some good pieces but unfortunately the seller does sound a little sketchy... selling lumber to get into crypto, thats a new one!
Yes, the fellow sounds a bit hapless. It appears that his girlfriend has exercised some wisdom.

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