Looking for QSWO Eastern NC

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these guys
Scott Smith is one of our NCWW sawyers with wood friendly kilns, etc. He's really good and you won't go wrong working with him. He ships nation wide (so drive, select, mill, and drive home?).

this place
I've bought a lot of lumber from them and they're a quality supplier as well. Call Jeff Shaw to discuss their products.

Mike Wilkins

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Try Steve Wall Lumber Company. I have purchased wood from them in the past, they ship all over the country, and the product they send is top notch. They are also an advertiser on this site.


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I'm from NE FL so far no luck finding any around here.

So far I've found these guys and this place

I don't really want to drive 16 hours to get lumber but I'll do it if I have to. :)
Don't drive get Scott to ship it or maybe use the Pony Express here on the site. If you want nice white oak you can not go wrong with Scott. Sight unseen he's the only guy I would go to around here. That's not saying there aren't others, I'm speaking from working with Scott and seeing his inventory.

Good Luck.

By the way Scott can cut thick QSWO into veneer that's thick. Not many offer that service so it might be worth considering.


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Appreciate the responses and recommendations. I will go with Scott Smith most likely.

I'm familiar with Wall Lumber, too. Very good place.

Its just not in my constitution to buy lumber sight unseen.

And I don't ever mind driving to NC :)
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