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It's amazing how reaching out to an old friend to connect, can open new doors and horizons. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that little voice in your head that says to do something....especially something that is unknown or potentially uncomfortable; i have always found that if i run to it instead of away, will always prove to be fulfilling. My story pretty much starts back in March when the Covid-19 work-from-home started. I decided, i really want to learn woodworking and bought "The Complete Book of Woodworking" by Landauer Publishing, and of course watched a ton of videos. My wife had some small projects she wanted and I really enjoy designing and building. My primary job is in IT/Security and I really needed an escape from that world. We took a trip up to West Penn Hardwoods in Conover, just to get a look at some options and felt overwhelmed. What the heck is a board foot? Why would you want to spend this much for a piece of wood, when you can go to a big box store and get dimensional lumber way cheaper?....These were some of the questions we were asking. So with this motivation, I wanted to know more. As you all are aware, the woodworking bug is quite contagious and once you get bit....well. Around April, I decided to buy a Bob's CNC E4 since I enjoy the design aspect of woodworking. After about 10 signs and a few inlays, finally getting the hang of it a bit. I reached out to a friend of mine that i use to work with that is a proud member here and he recommended I check it out. So i joined today and am looking forward to this journey of knowledge, trial and error, and best of all, the satisfaction of building/learning something new. Thank you and look forward to reading your posts and hopefully meeting some of you one day.



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Welcome. Another Cyber Security reject here which is what I do to pass the time in between shop sessions. I too just got a CNC and once again, feel "uncomfortable" but excited.

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Chris, I join the others in extending a hearty welcome! I lived in Lincolnton/Lincoln County in the early 70s and love the area.

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