I'm beginning to wish I had a track saw..


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I seldom "break down" plywood with my DeWalt track saw, I cut it to final size. It is as accurate as my Saw Stop PCS so I see no need for making cuts twice. I use table saw to cut smaller pieces of solid and sheet goods and use my track saw for larger boards. Makes a lot of sense to me to move the saw rather than a large board.

A key to making accurate cuts, at least for me, is a way to set the track exactly where I want it. Using a 0.5mm pencil to mark where to cut helps but still leaves a bit to be desired, at least when I am doing it. I built what I call track positioning guides that have a scale and hairline pointer that is adjustable. I set the stop on the guide at the dimension I want to cut and then use the guide to position the track. It is more accurate than my marking and repeat cuts are no issue. I have to position both ends of the track but that doesn't take much time. I made guides that work when the workpiece is under the track and when the workpiece is ahead of the track. I used both today to make some "floating" shelves.


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