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Phillip Cooper
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That's pretty cool!! It might not be the fastest method to do things, but certainly is a way to do woodworking and have the satisfaction of making something yourself...

Jim M.

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Very cool. I remember seeing something similar in a magazine once and thinking great idea for a downsized, retired woodworker.


Bruce Swanson
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Many years ago I built all new display cabinets and shelves for my father's camera store. My tools consisted mainly of a Craftsman 7" power saw, cheap B&D router and pressed steel router table, Craftsman 8" table saw, and various hand tools. With all the great machinery I now have in my shop, I'm not so sure the quality of my work is much better, but I now have a lot more time for procrastination. Each time I add something new in tooling to the shop, I reflect back on those days and what could be accomplished with so little. But half the fun in woodworking is buying that new machine or tool!:tool:


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We have a pretty fully equipped workshop on wheels in the Outreach Trailer. Ours is for the purpose of education and not production builds, but is very functional for its purpose.

We do require space outside the trailer to set everything up, but we accomplish a lot with a little space.
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