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I have been asked how to create a link to a website in a forum message. The simple answer is to just type the web address (URL). Like this:

However, say the URL is really long, or you just want the link to say something else (in English) instead of looking like a URL (computerese). For example, say you want to post the link , and you want to make the link say "click here"...

Simplest method is to use the "Insert Link" button -- looks like this:
When you click that button it asks you for the actual URL (http address). Type it in and hit OK. It then inserts the URL in the body of your message in this format:

[ URL=""][/URL]​

The text in red will be highlited. You can simply replace that highlited text with whatever you want the link to say, like this:

[ URL=""]click here![/URL]​

... and the result is this:

You can also insert an image link like this. In other words, you can post an image in your message, and users can click on the image just like clicking on a link. To do this, first use the "insert link" just like above, and specify the URL you want to link to. Then insert an image in the place of the highlited text -- use the "insert image" button:

Clear as mud? :mrgreen:
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