Help your local medical personnel: Masks


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Margy was talking to an acquaintance who is involved with pediatric respiratory cases and they are in desperate need of N95 masks. Margy had a half dozen that she bought because we were expecting to be in smoke-laden Australia in February (fortunately the fires were out by the time we got there). I also found that I had two boxes full of these in my shop that I bought just to use while sanding things. We're donating these to the medical personnel.

I encourage others to look in their shops and if they are sitting on masks that they don't have immediate need of, consider contacting their local hospital or medical provider and donate them.


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Novant sent me this email. Still waiting on a reply but if you want to know when they are ready you can ask them here for your local area

Thank you for your willingness to donate these supplies. We are currently working with our local Goodwill locations to set up a process where they can accept your donation on our behalf (via drivethru). Would it be ok if I reach out to you as soon as I have more information on next steps?

If you need to make sure that the supplies are picked up as soon as possible, then I can possibly arrange a courier to pick those up from you.


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I also have a full box of N95 for sanding. BUt given that my wife has been exposed to patients confirmed to have Covid 19 I am pretty sure they wouldnt want to take them since the box is open and they are not individually wrapped. :-(


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My local hospital, Vident, is taking all disposable gloves (latex, nitrate, vinyl).

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