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In a recent post - Mike (Aka @Flute Maker ) asked about a height gauge.
This was for set-up on his mini mill. While this is a reasonable tool and somewhat reasonable price wise on the used market - I kind of thought Mike was not getting into precision milling...

I thought I would share this discussion ./ thought process with you...

Recently I have been adding to my knowledge and metrology for the machining and metal side of things in my shop and purchased two height gauges that needed a little TLC...
In case you don't know - here is a picture of how a height gauge is used:


You can measure the height off a known true surface (think granite plate or cast iron surface) or use it to mark layout lines on a part for cutting or drilling.

So back to the point - I asked Mike what he wanted to do or maybe he posted that he wanted to "true" a part on the mill (I think it was for one of his flutes)
Based on that, the required accuracy is not in the "thousandths" but in 1/16ths or 1/32nds...

Different accuracy's "allow" different metrology...
Knowing Mike is like me (we don't say cheap, we are careful with our money! LOL) I suggested trying the poor man's height gauge.
You buy two try squares and mount the heads back to back and you have a cheap (economical) height gauge...

Flute Maker

Yep thats me ...not cheap but maybe the word is frugal... But Hank that is a good idea.

sparing or economical with regard to money or food.
"he led a remarkably frugal existence"


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