Greensboro Lunch Bunch !

Bill Clemmons

Corporate Member
Today (2-18-21) marks one year since our last lunch gathering. I don't think any of us ever imagined the shut-down would last this long. I know I didn't. Hopefully the end is in sight, though maybe not "just around the corner". I look forward to the days when we can once again gather for lunch w/ friends; attend the annual picnic; have workshops and shop crawls; all safely. I've really missed seeing and being w/ my woodworking friends. Y'all are my second family and I miss everyone.

Stay safe and keep making some of the world's finest sawdust.

Mike Davis

Corporate Member
Thanks Bill. I miss everyone too. Can’t wait to get back together.

How long has it been since our first Greensboro lunch bunch?


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A few years ago, I never would have thought that I would miss hanging out with a bunch of "olds." Now, I'm looking forward to when we can do it again.


Board of Directors, Vice President
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It has been an interesting adventure this past year. I truly miss seeing everyone. Young or old I wish everyone to be safe and well, I look forward to being able to see everyone when we can.


Going to be a long haul, but I am hoping by the holidays we can act closer to normally. I just don't see it before then. Basically, a two year event. Looking at history, that is actually very good.

Charles Lent

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I'm looking forward to it as well. I'm getting very tired of just looking at the inside of this house. The shop isn't looking that good any more either. I need to be with others every now and then.


Tim Sherwood

Corporate Member
I am excited about the next group lunch. It's been way too long away from my friends. As more of us get the vaccine, that meeting gets closer. Maybe we can find someplace with outdoor tables?

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