Great weekend

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Mike Davis

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I spent most of Saturday cleaning the shop. Found some things I had been missing, made a gavel for a friend, cooked a nice lunch.

Sunday I taught introduction to hand tool woodworking to a nice lady that I met at Stokes Stomp two years ago.

She has a skill saw and not much else but really wants to learn, she watches This Old House, New Yankee Workshop and anything else she can find on TV about building and making things.

We started with saws, rip, crosscut, miter, dovetail. She ripped a pine board and practiced cutting 1/4 inch slices off the end with the crosscut. The she asked how would you make that smooth so you could glue it together.

So, we looked at all the planes, sharpened one ot two, planed the two pieces she had cut and glued them back together.

Then we talked about joinery, M&T, dovetail, box joints, mitered corners. She wanted to try a dovetail so we laid out a dovetail corner and she cut most of the cuts. I corrected a couple. Then chiseled the waste and touched up a couple of cuts. Tapped it together and she was grinning and laughing at her accomplishment.

She left with her homework, to practice cutting, buy some handsaws at Klingspor, and to get ready for more classes soon.

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Henry W

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Within a day you have brought her well past my hand tool skills! I hope she recognizes the expert instruction she received.

Well done Mike.


Bruce Swanson
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You are the spirit of NCWW at work Mike! Great looking first time dovetails, so that makes 2 very proud woodworkers!


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Great job on her part and yours. I hope she comes back for more.
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