Golden Mallet voting

Please vote for one of the following as the Golden Mallet winner:

  • Chuck Morton (Chuck) [Berta'a Husband]

    Votes: 3 12.5%
  • Dan (danmart77)

    Votes: 5 20.8%
  • Jack (SkyMaster)

    Votes: 9 37.5%
  • Richard Moore (Graywolf)

    Votes: 7 29.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Board of Directors, Vice President
Corporate Member
Golden Mallet

The Golden Mallet award is presented to the person that in the opinion of the membership who
"Most represents the goals and spirit of NCWW"​

The Goals of NCWW
The goal of is to provide a welcoming atmosphere that fosters a unique sense of community for any North Carolina woodworker who wishes to participate or lurk. The main aspects to meeting these goals are:

  1. Guests and members surfing our site should feel that they are welcome and that participating in our site is a worthwhile and pleasant experience. We strive to maintain a polite and helpful tone in our posts, replies, and questions.
  2. We seek to ensure that guests and all members of their families are comfortable viewing site content. Every effort is made to monitor User names, avatars, signatures, biographies, and posts in pursuit of that goal.
  3. Members may post threads, comments, replies, questions, and make suggestions without fear of abuse from other members or staff.
  4. We wish to create an atmosphere that fosters attitudes about other members that are conducive to a desire to meet others in person and help each other both on the site and in person.
See this thread for nominations and why the member was nominated:

Please vote for one of the following:
Dan (danmart77)
Chuck Morton(Chuck) (Berta'a Husband)
Richard Moore (Graywolf)
Jack (SkyMaster)


Bruce Swanson
Corporate Member
Only 24 voted this year? I want to be the first to congratulate Jack! Skymaster really does exemplify what NCWW is all about. It's an amazing amount of work he did, with his sidekick JackLeg Reggie, procuring, dimensioning, and machining all the lumber for the burial urn project from the early beginning of the project. You well deserve this award my brother in arms, and God be with you sir!


Co-director of Outreach
Corporate Member
I second what Bruce said. Great job Jack. You went above and beyond on the Urn Project.

Bill Clemmons

Corporate Member
One of the toughest votes I've ever cast. The candidates were all outstanding, and very deserving. Congratulations Jack!

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