Going to look at a monster oak log tomorrow.

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Scott Smith
I received an e-mail today from a local homeowner that may have to remove an incredibly large red oak tree.

It is 88" in diameter at 5' above grade, and they sent photos to prove it! At 7-1/2' in diameter, it's the largest red oak that I've seen in these parts (almost 24' in circumference). The major limbs appear to be around 4' in diameter...

To put things into perspective, it's 12' long butt log will weigh around 32,000 lbs, and produce over 5K bd ft of lumber.

My 42" bar chainsaw would not be adequate to cut all of the way through it, even cutting all of the way around... HOLY COW!!!

I sure hope that it's not full of metal or punky... I'm also secretly hoping that they can save it instead of having to take it down; what a loss of a majestic oak.

If I end up milling it, 30" wide quartersawn oak boards would be a distinct possibility... Wow! Just the log quarters would weigh 8,000 lbs each. It may be time to get the slabber running!


You've definitely found a big'un there, Scott -- but we gotta have pics! Is it time to call in the guys with the big saws from the Pacific NW or Alaska? Sounds like you need a 60" bar!


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Red, I was about to say the same thing.
We know that Scott can't let that little-old log woop him for lack of a long enough chain saw bar!!:gar-Bi


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You know, if you hollow that tree out, a family of 6 could live there.. That's an impressive tree!


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I'm also secretly hoping that they can save it instead of having to take it down; what a loss of a majestic oak.
Me too - shame to see one like that have to come down. Back-of-the-napkin, I'm thinking he must be around 300 years or so?

If it does have to come down, I can't think of a better man for the job!


I would love to see that tree. I've always wanted to see the redwoods in California. This might be a good substitute. I use to live in Texas and I don't remember seeing anything that big. Pictures would be nice.



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Anyone heard from Scott? Is he still being mesmerized by this huge tree? Scott, are you OK?


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save it if at all possible, she is one of only a handfull still standing that old. several hundred easy, betcha lotsa local indians walked in her shade and fed on her acorns


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WOW! That's mindboggling! No, not just the size of this tree as you guys are raving about. I'm blown away by the whole idea of 30" (THIRTY INCH!) quarter sawn boards! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What shame if this tree comes down. :no: I have been fortunate to see the redwoods and the Sequoias and the threesome of twenty-one foot circumference poplars in the Great Smokies. But I've never seen a red oak of that size! We had 3 foot white oak that was blown down by Fran and THAT was terribly unfortunate.

Hope Scott can share where this tree is so some of us might be able to actually see it.

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