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I am selling a Stanley #6 that I recently fully restored. It is of British manufacture, and as best as I can tell, probably from the 1970's or so. I re-finished the knob and tote, cleaned the painted surfaces, cleaned all metal parts, and lapped the bottom. I sharpened the blade, and tuned the chip breaker. The blade is razor sharp, as can be seen in the photo of the shaving from a piece of curly maple. Time will tell how this blade holds an edge. Personally, I would use it for a while before deciding to upgrade the blade/chip breaker. I have a lot of experience with old Stanleys, having owned over 100 at one time, and I have had blades that took and held a fine edge, and others that didn't. This is a very nice user plane in excellent condition, and is ready to go.

I have other photos if anyone is interested. I am asking $75.00. I am located just outside of Morehead City. I can ship it, although shipping costs would be the responsibility of the buyer. I would be happy to answer any questions.


Stanley 6_1.jpg
Stanley 6_2.jpg
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Scott, thanks for that question. On this plane the frog did not need to be flattened. I checked it with a straight edge. Removing the lateral adjust lever can be done if necessary, but it's a bit of pain, as it is held in place by a rivet. That can be removed with some effort. If the rivet has been salvaged, then the ends can be carefully peened over to hold it in place, but still allow it to swivel.


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Hey Matt--For a long time I have wanted to put together a set of quality working grade planes. I don't need no stinkin' polished brass showpieces, but I would take them if someone was just unloading them. I think anyone who has owned over 100 planes of one brand has probably been through several hundred more; that means you know your stuff! I would like to work with you put together a set of planes that I can count on and use for years. Please get in touch through PM. Thanks.


I was in the "iron is all that matters" camp until recently. I now understand the one-up tools. Wood River, Lie Neilson, Veritas.

Another consideration is the number of hours needed to get a cheaper plane into performing mode. How long do you want to sit there flattening an iron? ( or shoe, frog, cap..." Granted, you only have to do it once.

See my results in the Scrub Plane thread. Thanks.

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