Fair winds and following seas

Dan Bowman

Dan Bowman
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Some of you know my wife Alice and I will soon be leaving NC for Oregon and the new adventures awaiting us in retirement. I want to thank the many members of NCWoodworker who have helped and supported me in my continuing journey to destroy our forests with no clear purpose. I've enjoyed the camaraderie, advice and encouragement and will take the lessons learned as I build my new "shop" in the basement of our new house. I've learned that wood, like children, should never be approached with impatience or the need to control. I've learned that health trumps all but love, and outfitting my shop with proper safety tools is the first priority. I've learned never to use power equipment more dangerous than a sander or a glue bottle after having a beer. And I've learned having pursuits outside of my job responsibilities was one of the wisest choices I ever made. I know that my leaving NC doesn't rescind my membership in this esteemed body and for that I'm thankful. I'm sure I'll drop in on occasion between protesting this or that or fighting forest fires, but for now I wish you all the best in woodworking and in life.

Postscript: I may have one last batch of odds and ends to offer for free. Stay tuned.


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Enjoy what you do, Dan. Just don't let the following seas over take your stern! ;)


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NC or Oregon, you're still one of us Dan


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sorry you gotta go but trust you know what's best. come back often my friend. you're always welcome.;)


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Dan I went from NC to Hawaii ........... but I am here and there is a reason for that.

I used to have a place in Grants Pas, OR I sold it earlier this year. If you do not mind the cooler weather and more rain .......... Oregon is awesome.

Phil S

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Phil Soper
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Safe travels and best wishes


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Thanks for the advice and miter sled.
Let us know how the new shop comes along.

Safe travels and Godspeed.


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Enjoy your retirement, Dan. Best wishes for a safe move and successful shop build!

Martin Roper

Unfortunately, I only got to meet you once, Dan.

Best wishes in retirement. It looks like you'll be really busy setting up in a new place.


Bruce Swanson
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Hope you really enjoy Oregon Dan, but if you see smoke starting to come from one of those mountain tops, leave!


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Good luck with your move and I am certain you will enjoy it out there - anywhere you live, you can always complain about something, but I find that reminding yourself of why you moved where you did and what you enjoy reduces the complaints and they have less impact!
As you mentioned - don't be a stranger - we would love to see pictures of your new digs and new gig!

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