Everything is sold! Pictures of wood for tomorrow's sale

Dan Bowman

Dan Bowman
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I've got the garage sorted and am pricing the wood at 40-60% of a popular NC vendor, as follows:

Wide ribbon sapele $3.00 bft
White oak FS, planed and rough $2.00 bft
White oak QS, planed and rough $3.00-3.50 bft
African mahogany $3.00 bft
Hard maple $1.50 bft
Curly maple $1.50 bft
Birch $1.50 bft
Cherry planed 2S 4/4 $1.50-2.00 bft
Cherry 8/4 $2.50 bft
Cherry 12/4 $3.50
Curly cherry 8/4 $3.50 bft
Very curly cherry 5/4 - make me an offer
Walnut 8/4 $4.00 bft
Zebrawood 5/4 with checking $1.50-3.00 bft depending on quality.

There's lots of oak and cherry and smaller amounts of everything else

You want it all? Make me an offer. In fact, even if you don't want it all, make me an offer.

This is all good high-grade wood, except as noted for the zebrawood.

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Dan Bowman

Dan Bowman
Senior User
This is what's left:

35 bft birch
20 bft curly maple
35 bft 4/4 cherry
45 bft 8/4 cherry
20 bft 4/4 2s cherry intended for face frames

Let me know if you want any. Take it all and I'll make you a deal!


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How fast do you need it gone? I will take all the remaining but I cant get there until the 11th..

Dan Bowman

Dan Bowman
Senior User
Hi Mike - a member called earlier and we agreed on a price for all that was left. Thanks for your interest.

Dan Bowman

Dan Bowman
Senior User
I can't believe it but all the wood has sold! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and helped me clean out the garage. Well, that's perhaps a tad too generous, as our garage is filled with moving boxes. Thanks also for all the well-wishes as Alice and I start our new adventure in Oregon.

Martin Roper

Congrats, Dan. I enjoyed chatting with you today. My modest stash (compared to the previous guy) should keep me in projects for a while. Best wishes on the left coast.


That previous guy was me :) I would have bought the rest. Great lumber and prices. Thanks again dan for everything.

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