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Hi Everyone
Here are a few photos of my newest project.
These Custom Frames were made for presentation gifts for the soccer coaches at the University of Vermont for winning the America East soccer Championship.
When I started working with the client the first thing I did was to get written permission to use the UVM logo and the America East logo. I drew up the design for the frames knowing that the 2 logos and the team signatures had to be included in the finished product. The frames are made of Tiger Maple with splined miters and routed to accept the 8" x 10" photos and the glass. The recesses for the logos are made by re- sawing 1/8" off of the face of each section then gluing them back into position after the intarsia are complete ,traced and cut out to accept the logos
Although I try to use only natural colored wood for my intarsia it was necessary in this case to paint the America East logo to get the right colored blues.I did segment holly for these pieces which does paint up real pretty.
The UVM logos are done using Ebony, Holly, Mahogany, Lignum Vitae and Yellowheart. The cats were done by stack cutting the 3/16" pieces and using a 3/0 scroll saw blade. Very slow going cutting these as one mistake is all it takes to ruin the whole thing. The "V"s were made by cutting out the Lignum first then cutting, mitering , and wrapping the 1/16" strips of yellowheart and ebony to form the complete "V"s. Each of the logos has 85 VERY SMALL pieces and definitely tested my skills and patience . The signatures were done with a laser. The dime shows the scale of these pieces. Gotta love this stuff!!!
IMG_1390.JPG IMG_1394.JPG IMG_1396.JPGIMG_1397.JPG


First glance expected those were painted or a sticker or something, then reading the description to learn it was intarsia and noticed the grains in addition to the color. Amazing work!
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