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Thanks to fellow NCWWer Scott Kuykendall, I am now the proud owner of a Craftsman molding head set that I've been wishing for for a while. Thanks Scott! I promised Scott I would post some pictures of the first run in the shop, so I prepped some stock from some Spanish oak shipping dunnage I had laying around and gave 'er a whirl (pun intended!) :gar-Bi

Most of what I've read about these things said they are loud and scary - I found it to be neither.

Most of you know what this is, but for the uninitiated - here's the unit:


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And here it is mounted in the G0690:

Next, add sacrificial fence and a hold down:

Run some stock...

And voila, nice cut.

Some observations:

- I made the cut in two passes, probably should have done 3
- Better grade of stock would produce better results
- Not as nearly as loud or as scary as I was lead to believe it might be
- Runs more like a shaper than a router table, I think it produces a more consistent cut than the router table.

Got big plans for this, next up will be some edge to edge glue line joints. Once again Scott, thanks - it's working great so far!:icon_thum:icon_thum:icon_thum


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Another thing that might help the cut is making a new insert and raising the cutter through that. sort of like a zero-clearance insert. Probably only worthwhile for serious woodworking.


A while back I picked up one of these heads from a retiring woodworker and have found it very handy. My most recent use was to cut dozens of rabbets in drawer pieces for shop cabinets. I own both a router table and a shaper and quite often I forgo them and use the molding head. The heads and a huge selection of various knife profiles are available from this company and are made in the good old USA:wsmile:
One can always depend on the VA contingent of NCWW to find the best tool for the job.:gar-La; Seriously, a lot of the younger NCWW members got into the craft after the molding heads fell out of popularity but I believe they do have a place in the shop. :wsmile:
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Mike Davis

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I think I have one but I have several boxes that I need to search to be sure. I know I have some of the inserts. If I can't find the head I'll offer the inserts some time.


I'm old enough to remember when carpenters used a molding head, and Delta (Rockwell) 10" contractor's saw to make molding and cabinet doors right on the job site. I own a couple of these and use them to make restoration siding (pattern no longer available.) The 1" round nose cutters produce a cove that needs little sanding. You sharpen the cutters by "flattening the back," just like on a chisel. Don't touch the bevel.
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