Craftsman Fore plane

Richo B

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I posted this on my Instagram page earlier today but wanted to put it here too in case there was some other ideas out there regarding some of the information.

I have a Craftsman fore plane that I bought at an antique store in Williamsburg, VA years ago. It features BL on the original iron which is consistent with Sargent which built Craftsman tools. However it also features a red frog. The numbers 418 stamped underneath and a lateral edge all consistent with Sargent. However, the kicker is that many were not aware that Sargent made red frogs, if they did at all. It appears only Miller Falls did that. Stanley made orange frogs but this isn't orange or even faded from orange. Any ideas?

Craftsman Fore_7.11.20_02.jpg

Craftsman Fore_Frog_7.11.20_02.jpg

Craftsman Fore_Frog_7.11.20_01.jpg
Craftsman Fore_Sticker_7.11.20.jpg
Craftsman Fore_Lateral Adjustment_7.11.20.jpg
Craftsman Fore_Iron label_7.11.20.jpg

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