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Also, I liked to go see a show in progress before applying to do the show. Watch the crowd and see how many are carrying packages.
I agree 110% with this. Just because someone calls an event a craft show does not make it true. Look before you leap. Don't be afraid to ask questions of the organizers.


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a magazine I often turned to [back in the day] was Sunshine Artist. Barnes and Noble used to carry copies. Or you can subscribe to it. It covered the whole USA. For a more local reach check out
Be aware that some of the BIG shows require an application be submitted a year in advance of their upcoming event. Sometimes right after the conclusion of their current show.
If you do any traveling across the state, stop off at any rest area / Welcome Centers. Oftentimes they'll have brochures / publications detailing upcoming events / festivals.
Might want to brush up on your photography skills; more shows are requiring digital uploads. Keep your shots simple.
Some festivals have two events...a spring and fall show, e.g. Spring Daze and Fall Daze in chapel hill. Check out the spring version and apply for the fall show.
If you can choose where in an event you are placed - get as far away from the food area as you can.

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