Chiggers, ticks and mosquitos


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And chickens from what I've heard, I've heard they are good at pest control.
A few years back my neighbor starting keeping some "free range" chickens, as well as some ducks, that ranged through my yard as well as theirs. Still got an occasional tick if I let the grass get too high, but my japanese beetle problems disappeared after a couple years, and they also would scoop up any baby snakes that tried to make their way across the properties.

Pop Golden

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Hey Bruce on that California thing. When looking through a woodworking catalog the other day I started to notice all the things that can't be shipped to that state. How in the heck can you finish anything. Do you sneak over to Nevada buy it and bring it back using back roads?

Pop :(


California also prides itself on lack of coal fired power plants. The two largest coal fired plants in the west are in Utah, and only supply power to California, but they ain't IN California. California used to be the seventh largest economy in the world. Think about a state with an economy larger than most countries. They can do what they want. Driving west into California, you can't bring in oranges or lemons either. Trucks made before a certain date are barred at the border from entering into California. Same goes for railroad locomotives. One of the reasons Cat left the truck engine business was California's rules.

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