Celebrate with us this weekend!


Klingspor's Woodworking Shop of Winston Salem is having it's 22nd Anniversary Sale this weekend. Best Part - all 4 of our stores will celebrate with them and I ask that you guys come celebrate with us as well.

Since 1998, our Winston store has been working tirelessly to become "a woodworker's dream store" and our team hopes that you all feel that we have succeeded.

Merry Christmas!



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Congratulations Coleman and WS Klingspor Woodworking! Wishing I was nearer a store.


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Coleman, while I have never visited the W-S store, I am a frequent visitor/shopper/buyer at the Cary store. Since the move to the Cary location I believe the store as well as the shopping experience have been greatly improved...Thank You!

Barry W

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Coleman, years ago I would ride by the Winston Klingspor store and wonder what mysterious items were in it. That was before I retired and had time to pursue my desire to try my hand at woodworking; I didn't have enough nerve to satisfy my Klingspor curiosity. I felt I did not belong. When I finally felt it was okay to visit the Klingspor store I was warmly greeted by friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff . . . I was hooked! Congratulations on the 22nd Anniversary of the Winston-Salem Klingspor Store!!


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Seems like this day in age there should be a second line on that celebration, 22 years in business AND survived a pandemic!


Thank all of you for your kind words.

Quick little history lesson following Phil's example!!!!!

Klingspor's Woodworking Shop opened a small store in Hickory in 1989, then decided to branch out to Charlotte in 1997. While in Charlotte a gentleman named Tom Ferone came to work for us there and was our assistant manager in that location. We came to learn Tom wanted to move closer to his hometown of Raleigh and we were opening our next location in Winston so Tom moved with us and became the first manager of our Winston location. Some of you know Tom as he is a member on this site. He helped us get Winston up and running and he hired a gentleman named Hans Koevari. Hans became our second manager when we decided to open in Raleigh and had a manager in place with Tom. He jumped at the opportunity to get back to Raleigh and start that store for us. Tom was a huge part of our success in the retail environment. He opened Winston and Raleigh for us. He hired two fantastic managers in our network - Hans Koevari and Paul Rolfe - successor to Tom in Raleigh. Thank you Tom!!!!!
Back to Winston:
So for 20 years, Hans managed the Winston location and is still with us part time! Hans hired our current store manager - Eric Horton and many of the staff that is still with us in that great location - Dave Brittain and Barry Lewis. So Eric and his team are doing a great job keeping the traditions of being a "woodworkers dream store" with great customer service values alive. Also during his team's tenor the store almost doubled in square footage in 2019 and is one of our best locations in the network!

Thank you to all that have made this possible!!!

Most important - thank you - our customers for your continued support and allowing us to help you with your woodworking needs.

As always, call me or anyone of your team members if we can help in anyway possible!

Forever grateful for all of you!

Coleman Fourshee
GM - Klingspor's Woodworking Shop



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Thank you for the history lesson Coleman, but you left out one important part - at some point in time there was a guy named Coleman that came on the scene and changed the complexion of what a store for woodworkers, staffed by woodworkers could be!

I just visited the W-S store last night and Eric happened to help me.
He spent an inordinate amount of time for me to spend <$20 but I told him and I will tell everyone how much I (we) appreciate that.
As a comparison I recently went to another "Woody-Crafty" store-front and vowed I would never shop there again.
I will not share all the gory details, but suffice it to say I felt like I was bothering them to shop in the store! I thought I might be over-reacting, so I put in a call, got the same person and when I hung up, that is when I made my vow...
Not sure I can keep my promise since I don't have a classy store with caring people like KWS close enough to me...


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Thanks for the story about the early years -- Tom Ferone was a great mentor to many and has been missed here for a long time. He has been a good friend over the years and a very capable woodworker.


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Thanks for the update on the history of those fine stores. I knew Tom Ferone was an employee at one time, but didn't realize how much of a critical role that he played in the growth of those stores. I occasionally run into him at the Extravaganza as a vendor rep now.

Mike Davis

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In 1995 I worked in Hickory and lived in Lenoir. I bought my first tablesaw, a Delta contractor saw, at the Hickory Klingspor woodworking store.
I still have that same saw and have used it on almost every project I have built in the last 23 years.
When I decided to invest in a new band saw of course I ended up at Klingspor again.
The Rikon I bought is a joy to use and gets as much or more attention as my Delta tablesaw.

I could go on and on but suffice it to say Klingspor has been at the center of my woodworking hobby
for over twenty years and hopefully from now on.

Like Hank, I have had some really bad experiences with other retailers and refuse to shop at those places.
Would hate to have to look for another supplier.

Coleman, thanks for being there and for supporting this group and all of the woodworkers in North Carolina.

Bear Republic

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Thanks for the history lesson. Its definitely been and continues today to be the people behind the name that build and grow the brand. Knowledgeable and service oriented people are what make people shop a business. Congrats Coleman

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