Brazilian Rosewood- CLT CL Smokin' Deal

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At $2500 for a 3"X9"X40" (that's inches!) board that works out to ~$330/bf. Got thin kerf blades? Ripping one of these boards with a 1/8" blade would cost ~$35 just to make sawdust:swoon:
I've played some old Martin and newer Taylor and Martin Brazilian Rosewood Guitars. They're very, very nice. Not sure I would have noticed any difference had I been blindfolded compared to the Indian Rosewood Taylor I normally play. If you've got money, this wood used for the sides and backs combined with old growth, QS Red Adirondack Spruce top make the ultimate Flat Top guitar from a tone and volume perspective. A well built Brazilian Rosewood guitar will start at ~$10,000 and go up past 50k. Of course you can always get an official Esteban off QVC:rotflm:


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Heck at that price , you should just get enough and make a new fireplace mantel out of it. Wood look great. LOL:rotflm:Yes pun intended!!


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Kyle Edwards
Even though that is high.. you cant buy Brazilian Rosewood anymore unless its Pre-CITES. Most of the stuff is veneer or very expensive with back and sides sets going upwards of 350.00+ a set.

12 sets of backs @ 350.00/set= 4200.00. If you have a very nice blade set up its possible to get the sides out of it too.

I would hope its dry and stable, quartersawn for that price.
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