Bench Vise Screw How to Acquire for Nothing


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Hi all thought I would share one of the ways you can get a vise screw for nothing more than time. Time to disassemble.

OS & Y Valves are water valves you see on larger mains and fire sprinkler supply lines. Typically, in larger buildings, high rises and bigger commercial and industrial type buildings.

At my company we have a division of fire sprinklers and when these get replaced they are tossed out. Carpe Diem !

The screw for a 10" size is 1-3/8 dia 3 threads to an inch (modified sq thread pattern) and roughly 24 " long with 1/2 threaded. Made out of brass. I show the empty top for reference.
If you ever see these or know of people in this part of the industry, it is an easy way to get a good threaded rod for a vise. It takes 2 crescent wrenches one must be 12" big and a hammer. 10 min you have everything. The wheel on the top, I cut the center out of these and replace with a wood block to reduce the weight of the wheel. Thought I would share ;)


Bill Clemmons

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Thanks for the tip, Oka. You gotta love the ingenuity of people who like to do things for themselves. Nothing better than finding a new use for something that would otherwise be wasted.

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